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Melsmon Platinum Placenta 2mlx50 Vials

Melsmon Platinum Placenta 2mlx50 Vials

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Key Features:

  • MELSMON, a blend of nature’s miraculous powers and modern high technology from Japan, offers a safe and effective solution for those eager to improve their physical condition and focus on facial beauty.
  • Ideal for beauty enhancement, boosting immunity, and overall physical conditioning.
  • Revitalizes energy and vitality, delays early aging and deterioration of internal organs.
  • Remarkable for skin care: inhibits melanin, eliminates spots, promotes skin metabolism, restores elasticity and moisture, and offers astonishing whitening and spot-fading effects.
  • Enhances female hormonal activity, improves ovarian function, and regulates menstrual cycles.
  •  Effective in treating menopausal disorders.

Key Ingredients:

  • 100% pure placental extract


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